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  • SAVE LOCAL is Denver Athletic’s campaign to promote buying local and helping support our fellow small businesses

    • Small, local, Colorado businesses can sign up to be a part of this campaign simply by filling out this form. Once received & verified, you will be added to the fundraising website as a donation recipient. From there, $15 of every item purchased will be donated to the business that is selected during check out.



  • Like so many others, Denver Athletic is a local, small business that has been hit hard by the pandemic. We’ve all spent the past year getting creative with our businesses, and one thing that has been very clear is how much our amazing community loves their small businesses. So, we came up with SAVE LOCAL to provide an opportunity for community members to continue helping local businesses of their choice. And best of all - it’s 100% cash that goes to the small business. NO obligation or purchase is necessary for the small businesses to participate, either.  WIN for the customer who gets some great, SAVE LOCAL swag. WIN for the businesses who get direct donations made during checkout so they can use the cash for anything needed to keep their business going. WIN for Denver Athletic as this business helps keep our staff employed and our doors open. WIN - WIN - WIN for all of us!!!



  • In order to be a part of SAVE LOCAL as a donation recipient, you must be a SMALL, LOCAL Colorado business. All you need to do is sign up by filling out this form. In return, we simply ask that you help promote this campaign as well. Of course, when you promote it and make sure people know to choose your business for the donation, that'll be more $$$ to put back into your business! (Our success is your success and your success is our success!) Besides that, you don’t need to do anything besides focus on keeping your business going. 



  • This fundraising campaign will start in February - exact date TBD. We are adding businesses NOW, so don't delay in signing up! The store will be open for SHOPPING for 2 weeks after which we will close the fundraiser store, bring in the apparel, print everything in-house, and then pack each order to be shipped out accordingly.  



  • Are you a small, local business or do you know a small, local business that has been hit hard by the pandemic? If so, make sure and fill out this form so we can get you added to the website as a donation recipient. From there, you will receive an email with more information on the campaign as well as marketing material you can either post in your place of business and/or send out digitally as well. Our goal is to make sure this does not add work to your plate. You need to focus on YOUR business and we are here to help you do that.


  • Want to support? Great! Shop now. Thank you for Keeping It Local and helping us SAVE LOCAL!


If you have any questions or would like to speak more about this, please contact:

Erica Mallery



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