Fast Facts About Performance Fabrics

  • Oct 30, 2017

Not sure what to look for when choosing your performance apparel? There are limitless options in today's apparel world which can be both a wonderful blessing and an overwhelming curse.  Don't fret. Refer to this helpful guide from our partners at PPAI Media, and you'll know exactly what to look for next time you need to order performance gear!

OMNI Apparel, Inc. is the industry’s source for Zorrel, a line of performance wear that combines style with state-of-the-art technology. PPB asked OMNI Vice President Sean Mahoney what he thinks are the most important factors for distributors to consider when evaluating specialized apparel for their clients. Here is what he says about each of the following categories:

Moisture Wicking. 
For the best performance, look for apparel that has moisture-wicking technology inherent—at the yarn level—rather than just treated with a topical finish, which will wash off in about 20 washes.

Heat Retention. 
Heavier-weight fabric is not necessarily better. Look for apparel made with the new hollow core yarns, which allow air in the yarn to be warmed by body temperature, leading to better warming ability in a lighter fabric.

UV Protection. 
Your best bet for the coolest and most comfortable protection is a long-sleeve shirt with a 50+ rating in a light color since dark colors absorb UV rays and turn them into heat. However, a dark color offers even greater protection against sunburns.

Insect Protection. 
Look for products that are EPA regulated and registered, and that are proven 100-percent effective. Zorrel’s Insect Shield® technology fabrics test to be 100-percent effective for 70 launderings and are exclusive to the promotional and corporate uniform industry.

Topical treatments are great but eventually wash off. Advise end users to launder polyester performance apparel with a sport wash to eliminate bacteria and extend the life of polyester apparel.

Credit: Julie Richie and PPAI Media


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